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A special announcement: Season 2 of Scientist will start in November!

In the meantime, please consider supporting the podcast by becoming a patron for Scientist. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at The Rockefeller University and will be finishing my position in September to pursue science communication and science media full time, and to this end, I'm starting a business that will formalize my creative projects, including this podcast. My motivation to continue interviewing guests and producing new episodes is inspired by my listeners, and I’d like to ask you for listener support. You can become a patron for Scientist by signing up at my Patreon page. Click the “Become a patron” button, and you can choose a monthly contribution. For an independently produced podcast like this one, even a dollar a month goes a long way. I strive to personalize every interview with each guest, and this money goes directly to covering travel and production costs. As a patron, I will send you exclusive updates about this podcast, my Japanese American podcast The Big Root, and a science documentary that I am working on with a filmmaker and a group of scientists! I have some exciting news and collaborations to share, and patrons will be the first to hear about them. Nevertheless, regardless of your patronage, all episodes of the Scientist will be free.

Stay tuned for the trailer for Season 2 in your feed soon!



Toshiki Nakashige: Hey everyone! This is Toshiki, host of Scientist. I'm recording this short message because I have a small request for you listeners, and I also have some news about Season 2.

First, I want to ask you for your help. I know it’s annoying to hear about a podcast asking for money, but I’m in a situation where listener support changes everything. I'm finishing my postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University at the end of September, and because I believe in this podcast so much, I'm going to pursue science communication and science media full time over the next year and hopefully make a career out of it. This means that I'm going to dedicate a lot more time on making this podcast better and getting exciting new interview guests. To make this happen, I'm starting a business, and even with some advertisements, I'll need some additional financial support. I created a Patreon page. If you don't know what Patreon is, it's a crowdfunding website, where instead of a single donation, you can become a patron, where you pledge a certain monthly amount of money. You can become a patron for Scientist for as little as $1 a month, and you can always cancel your patronage whenever you like. All Scientist past and future episodes will be free as they always have been, but as a patron, you'll get exclusive perks, including updates about a Japanese American podcast I started in April called The Big Root and, more relevant to you, information about a science documentary I'm starting to work on with a filmmaker and a group of scientists. It's potentially the most excited I've ever been about science, and I want to share this experience with all my listeners. You can go to to become a patron. I'll have the link in the episode description and on the podcast website,

Second, and more exciting! Weekly episodes for Scientist Season 2 will start rolling out in November. I spent the last few months really figuring out what I envision for the future of this podcast, and I want to convey that expanding the boundaries of knowledge is a deeply human endeavor. Science is a human endeavor. A major feedback is that listeners who know me personally want to hear more of my personality on the podcast, so I’m working on that too. I've started interviewing guests, and I'm already excited for you to listen. Also, I'll be organizing live podcast interviews in collaboration with student groups at universities throughout Season 2, and more information about those events will be available in the next few months. A trailer for Season 2 will pop up in your feed soon!

I love to hear from my listeners, so if you have any feedback, please reach out to me on the podcast website or on social media. If you have a suggestion for an interview guest or a question about a topic, I'm open to any feedback. That’s all for now. My name is Toshiki Nakashige. Thanks for listening!

Toshiki Nakashige