I Want Your Feedback

I’m happy to announce that I’m starting to work on a new season of Scientist. I finished the first series of episodes in November 2018, and after producing 31 consecutive weekly episodes, I needed a few months to think about where to go from there. In the meantime, I started a different podcast called The Big Root, which has little to do with science but has been extremely therapeutic in balancing my left and right brain. In March, my live interview with Victor Torres sparked renewed inspiration. I have new ideas, as well as better recording equipment and editing software, and I feel like I have something to say. Science is a human endeavor, and there are so many stories to tell.

To make Season 2 meaningful to you (the listener), I want your feedback. I’m looking for new interview guests. Season 1 featured scientists who represented diverse scientific backgrounds, institutions, and professional experiences, and my goal is to highlight the diversity of people who do science in future episodes. They can be your scientific mentor, a colleague, a friend who works in a research lab, or someone you heard on the news. If you have any suggestions for interview guests you want me to interview, please let me know! Send me your suggestions on the contact page or on social media.

Please stay tuned!


Toshiki Nakashige: Hi everyone. This is Toshiki Nakashige, host of Scientist. I’m starting to work on Season 2 of the podcast, and I’m looking for new scientists to interview. I want to open it up to listeners and to ask whether you had any suggestions for scientists you want me to interview on this show. Like in season 1, my goal is to represent the diversity of people involved in science, so regardless of the research institution, scientific field, or level of professional experience, I want to hear your suggestions for who you’d like to hear on this podcast. If you have any ideas, please contact me at toshiki.nakashige@gmail.com, on social media @toshnaka, or through the website scientistpodcast.org. After a few months thinking about the direction I want to take Scientist, I have a lot of new ideas and feel like I have something to say. As always, thank you for listening to the podcast, and stay tuned for more episodes in your feed later this year.

Toshiki Nakashige