Scientist is a podcast about people who do science. Expanding the boundaries of knowledge is a deeply human endeavor, and host Toshiki Nakashige talks with scientists about their personal experiences as researchers, educators, and creators. Currently in its second season, this podcast strives to highlight all fields of science—from theoretical physics to social genomics to food science—and takes a humanist approach to understanding the scientific process. A scientist himself, Toshiki finds that some of the biggest discoveries in science are the ones inside.

This podcast is independently produced by Toshiki Nakashige. The cover art is a photograph of quantum dots synthesized by Leslie Hamachi and Yue Chen. The music was created by Tim Greer and Ben Ma. This website features photography by Tiffany Tran.

Toshiki Nakashige is a chemical biologist and conducts postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University in New York. He enjoys ramen and Jayden (his dog). Listen to his other podcast The Big Root and read his personal essays. Support his work by becoming a patron for Scientist through Toshiki’s Patreon page.


Watch the trailer for the first season below!